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Service hotline:

400-077-0818   133-7115-1012

Hot selling product center

The company has strong strength, pays attention to credit, abides by the contract, has won the general customer's high trust
123213Shandong Shiba Machinery Technology Co., Ltd,mainly produces and wholesales concrete machinery: mixer, mixing station, batching machine, screw conveyor, lifting equipment, tower crane, lifting platform, construction elevator, etc.; steel processing machinery: steel bar cutting machine, bending machine, hoop bending machine, etc.; road equipment: laser leveling machine, frame leveling machine, road roller, gasoline polishing machine, gasoline vibration The company has established a nationwide sales and service network based on the members of China Construction machinery chamber of Commerce

Our four core strengths

The company has strong strength, pays attention to credit, abides by the contract, has won the general customer's high trust
  • Technical service

    The main products are cutting machine, polishing machine, bending hoop machine, etc. the advanced production technology and technology have established the extraordinary manufacturing capacity and realized the specialized, large-scale and integrated production system
  • fully reinforced

    Pay attention to credit, abide by the contract, focus on product quality and service quality, standardize the production workshop, strictly ex factory standards, and recommend high cost performance products for different purposes
  • Honest communication

    Product quality control runs through the whole process of production management. Each process realizes production independently, and is closely connected with each other to ensure the reliability and stability of product quality
  • Considerate service

    Its "shibayu" brand series of construction machinery products, customer-oriented, we have a professional after-sales service team, at any time can a certain period of return visit, tracking after-sales service anytime and anywhere
Strong technology and strong strength

Shandong Shiba Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. Member of China Construction machinery chamber of Commerce